ÍONS DE PRATA (Silver Ions).

Antimicrobial Bed pillow

Antimicrobial Bed pillow.

Fabric with ultrafine silver particles
that protect against the growth of microorganisms.

Through the Ultra-Fresh Silpure system, the bed pillow
IONS DE PRATA uses nanotechnology, so that ultrafine
silver particles prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.
Furthermore, the bed pillow is comfortable, non-allergic and avoids
all types of odors. IONS DE PRATA is the only bed pillow in the market
with technology that protects the fabric against stains caused by the use, as sweat and saliva. Make your sleep much more smoothly with
IONS DE PRATA of Silleban.

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  • • Anti-allergic
  • • Anti-mite
  • • Anti-mildew
  • • It can be washed
  • • Do not deforms
  • • Pillowcase measures: 19.7 x 27.5 inches
  • • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • • Filling: Hollow conjugated siliconized fiber 100% Polyester